Wood Beaver = Innovation

Wood Beaver is all about innovation.
That’s why our machines look nothing like our competitors (see the Why Wood Beaver page).
We approach each project as a chance to improve what we do, while not losing track of our roots – when we add a new option to the lineup, we do everything we can to make it possible for older machines can get the same upgrade.
You can include all the latest tools and upgrades on your machine.
We have aggressively pursued new models – adding the 20 Bad A** Beaver, the Lil Beaver 13, and a new larger Stacker conveyor. “Then we designed a new body for the Lil Beaver 16 and Model 16. But that wasn’t a stopping point – we designed an all new Model 18 and 18 Bad A** Beaver!”
These machines extended our line up in all directions:

The 20 BAB increased our large size capabilities to the 20” market.
We have had a lot of requests for a larger capacity machines with the speed of our smaller processors.
So, how do you double your splitting force while maintaining a 3.5-4 second split time?
Our proprietary Super Split regenerative hydraulic system, that’s how. And it can handle over 22” diameters with the saw guard locked down – but is still light enough to tow to remote locations when you want.
Speed, power, strength and reliability.

With the Lil Beaver 13, we have had a ton of requests for a full on high performance processor in the 12” range… oh, and make it as tough as the bigger processors… and as fast… and keep the price under $10,000! Ouch, what a list.
Never the type to step away from a challenge, our design team set to work.

  • Keep the speed, power and hydraulics of the Lil Beaver, check.
  • Shrink the size for the smaller materials, check.
  • With lighter weight logs, switch to a log shuttle table (instead of an in feed belt) that splits and advances in one move, check.
  • Under $10,000? Including a log lift – check!

An amazing hard working machine, well equipped, that will run materials up through 13” and under $10K – Innovation.
And the “Big” Stacker – based on the heavier conveyor from the 20 BAB and reaching out a full 24’, perfect for higher volume, larger woodlots.
Innovations like our rotatable stub axles – which change from highway position to arc or even sideways move positions – make our Stackers easy to adapt to your needs.

On the 16” body for the Lil Beaver 16 and the Model 16, we beefed them up a little, stronger is almost always better! We widened the splitting tubs, allowing extra inches for when logs don’t split straight.

And then the Model 18 and 18 Bad A** Beaver… we were getting a lot of requests for a little bit bigger size in a commercial style machine. “Get me up to 18” diameters” was the cry. So we delivered. Without taking an outrageous price jump. Working with our tried and true hydraulic systems, we set out on a quest to build the ultimate mid-size body. We wanted some more splitting force, so we increased the ram for 30% more force. And then we beefed up the wedge backer support to withstand that increased force. The body was put on steroids, increasing material thicknesses, strengthening where needed, and simplifying access for maintenance. These machines have been tested, pounded, “run hard and put away wet”… and they keep asking for more.

That is why we say Wood Beaver = Innovation!