Who is Wood Beaver?

Who is Wood Beaver?

In the beginning (as many great stories start), Scott Eifler had an idea to become a manufacturer’s representative for recycling and wood processing equipment. He founded Resource Recovery Systems, Inc. in 1993. He start with Multitek, CEC and Morbark.

Over the years, some lines were added, some went away, but the focus remained the same.

In 2004 the Hakki Pilke line of firewood processors was added. Very nice machines, but they were only available PTO drive and 3 point hitch – no engines, no trailer mounted self-contained units, which is what the American market was starting to demand. This was when Wood Beaver Forestry, LLC became part of the big picture.

In 2007, Scott saw it was time to develop and start manufacturing his own Wood Beaver firewood Processors. With 14 years of experience and hundreds of machines down the road, he had a vision of a better machine. Henry Ford didn’t invent the wheel, the engine, or even the automobile – he found a better way to build them. Build the best machine on the market, even if it means you run counter to what your competitors do. Build it cost effectively. And make it fast – really fast. Later that year, the first prototype came together. One model, pretty basic, but fast and very cost effective.

We had one other principal that we refused to budge on – use only the very best materials. Most of our suppliers are within a 20 mile radius of our plant. We do the pieces that make the most sense – design and engineering, welding, and assembly. After engineering the parts, we have them laser cut and formed locally. The components come to us for welding – all the welding is done in house, even our hydraulic tanks. Then they are sent for powder coat painting for the best finish available. Finally assembly by our people. Then your machine is vigorously test, with multiple heat cycles and several logs run through it while final adjustments are made. Made in America, it means something to us!

Flash forward to more recent times. In 2014, we increased our manufacturing capacity dramatically – Three times the production floor! What does that mean? Our capability went from 2-3 units each week to 6-9 units a week, over 1 every day!

You will find Wood Beaver equipment on the best woodlots in 49 US states and Canada – and beginning in 2015, internationally too!

We stand alone in our approach to hydraulics – and the ability to do more work faster and with less horsepower than any other machine on the market. Why feed fuel to 38 horsepower when you can do more work with 14?

Today we have 5 models of firewood processor – you can choose from faster, faster, or fastest – dollar for dollar, feature for feature, the fastest machines on the market. Add several sizes of stacking conveyors and the only patented bundling machine on the market (and the single most copied one) and you have a formidable line up of high performance firewood equipment!

Maximum value at the minimum price – it’s our motto, it’s your reality.