Used 2017 18 BAB (Bad A** Beaver)

2017 18 BAB (Bad A** Beaver)

Nearly new 18 BAB – just over 400 hours on this one, only a year old. Customer doubled their firewood business in one year with this machine – and upgraded to the 20 BAB. Now this machine is available for just $28,000 – over $5,000 in savings over a new machine. Everything works perfectly. Live deck, 12’ discharge conveyor, EZ controls including the hydraulic log hold down – this machine is ready to get back to work.

Please note: the only thing that makes this not look brand new is a hard black “crust” you can see in some of the pictures. The customer tried using vegetable oil for bar and chain oil and ended up with this surface coating. We have tried to pressure wash it off, and barely touched it. Makes it not as pretty, but has not effect on function.