Stacker Conveyors 16″ and 22″ wide – Radial

Stacker Conveyors 16″ and 22″ wide – Radial

Wood Beaver “Big Helper” Stackers are great conveyors for in yard mobility. They are well suited for the hard work your woodlot requires.
Designed to be used behind a processor or splitter, they are flexible and easy to work with.

Stackers feature a 5 horsepower Honda or Kohler gas power pack, an onboard hydraulic tank, and valve featuring forward, neutral, and reverse.

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Manual raise/lower via a hand winch. The conveyor can be moved around your wood yard easily and provides a maximum discharge height of approximately 8′ to 15’, depending on its overall length. The conveyor belt is of vulcanized rubber with zinc plated steel cleats for excellent wood contact.
These machines use stub axles to allow manual adjustment to a radial position for increased versatility being able to stockpile wood in an arch pattern. Conveyors can be coupled hydraulically to your existing hydraulic source or be self-contained engine powered to provide maximum loading speed for your operation. Stackers are available in two sizes, medium duty and heavy duty.
Medium duty unit have a 10” wide belt with a 16” wide “V” for material to ride. Great for mid-volume operations moving smaller size pieces – the basis of these Stackers is our 16 Series processor conveyors.

Heavy duty units have a much larger 14” wide belt and a 22” wide “V”. 
These are designed when the volumes and/or material gets heavier.
These stackers use components from our 20 Series processors. Heavier gauge throughout, these are designed for those really tough material moving projects. All are available with an electric motor in lieu of gas, if preferred.
Note: All Radial Stackers are available with hydraulic quick disconnects and no power pack

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Heavy duty stacker axlesStacker hydraulics

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