Lil Beaver 16 – Handle 16” diameters 1 cord per hour


Standard features:

  • 7′ 6″ Live in feed
  • 4,100 RPM hydraulic saw motor
  • 18″ 3/8 58-Gauge bar and chain
  • 2/4 way axe wedge
  • *** DLX Super Split Regenerative System now standard***
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Product Description

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Model 16The Lil Beaver 16 Firewood Processor the most economical and perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground.
Highly mobile and designed with the homeowner, farmer, or contract firewood producer in mind.
This “one” operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 17+” in diameter and 12’+ long at a rate of 1+ full cords per hour.
This unit is extremely powerful!!
Boasting an 11 GPM PTO or optional Honda GX 390 or Kohler CH 440 gas engine.
A 3 1/2” bore 2 ½” rod specifically designed and engineered hydraulic welded cylinder with a 25 3/8” stroke and regenerative hydraulic system for fast splitting, hydraulic saw, 2/4 way adjustable wedge.
At just over 3,000#, this machine can easily be towed behind a pick-up truck with the optional highway wheel package with lights, 2” ball or towed on site with an ATV.
Optional 8’ or 12’ on board stacking conveyor and a hydraulic log lift or any deck option and YOU can make processing wood easy.

Everyone needs a Lil Beaver.


  • 1+ cords per hour (128 cubic feet) approximateWoodBeaver Tombstone small
  • Splits wood from 3” to 24” length
  • Diameters to 17+”
  • Maximum log length 12’+
  • Splitter cycle time “Super Fast” 4.5 to 5.5 seconds (full cycle)


  • PTO.made in the usa logo
  • Optional Honda GX 390 or Kohler CH 440 DLX
  • Regenerative hydraulics now standard
  • 3-point hitch
  • Optional highway axle package
  • Low oil pressure shut-down
  • 2/4 Way splitter wedge
  • Adjustable 17 Ton splitting force
  • Live in feed now standard
  • Integral bar oil reservoir in chain guard
  • Hydraulic driven 18” 3/8 58 gauge harvester saw bar/ chain combination
  • Manual saw bar and wedge adjustment
  • Spring loaded clamping system for simple operation
  • Adjustable log length gauge
  • Protective lock out cover and safety screen for excellent visibility
  • Firewood cleanout grate
  • Oversized 15/22 gallon hyd. oil system
  • Transport width – 5’
  • Operation width – 5’
  • Transport length – 10’
  • Weight – 3250 lbs. (approx.)
  • Trailer hitch – 2” ball
  • Hydraulic capacity – 12 US Gallons
  • Transport height – 9’6”



Our package prices are exceptional but if you want to choose from the options below you can outfit your Lil Beaver 16 just the way you want it.

Honda or Kohler electric start |  8′ attached conveyor  | 4′ conveyor extension | 3′ live in-feed extension | 48″ Wood chute | EZ controls (saw and wedge) | Hydraulic log lift | Attached 2-strand dead deck | Attached 2 strand live deck | 6 way wedge | Hydraulic Oil Cooler | Operators seat (Jerry chair) | Twister Firewood Bundler | Scotty Shade | Dave’s drink holder


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