Hydraulic log lift


This unit weighs approximately 250 LBS.
The hydraulic log lift option allows you to “kneel” the live deck down, allowing your live deck to load logs from the ground.
A great option to allow portability without bringing another piece of equipment.

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SKU: lb16-27


If you don’t have a tractor or skid steer for loading a deck, the log lift is for you. Arms drop to the ground, you roll one or more logs on, then the logs swing up for easy loading onto your infeed.
We offer 2 variations or this easy to use option:
For the Lil Beaver 13, a mechanical log lift is standard. It attaches to the log shuttle table – as you split the last piece of the previous log, the next lifts into place.
On the 16 Series processors, hydraulics do the work. Easy to operate and simple to control, this lift can easily bring several logs up to in feed height for efficient loading.

Log lift in the field

Log lift three views