18 Bad A** Beaver – an 18” Beaver with a bad attitude


All NEW Model 18 BAB (Bad A** Beaver) – Kohler CH1000/Tandem 10 & 19 GPM pumps replaces 16 BAB – a little bigger and a little badder Standard with your choice of Log lift or Dead deck, 10′ 6″ Live in feed, 7,100 RPM Parker VOAC hydraulic saw motor, 18″ .404 Harvester bar and chain combo, Hydraulic EZ controls for the saw and wedge, 2/4 way axe edge wedge, 12′ discharge conveyor.

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Model 18 headline

Nothing Eats Wood Like A Beaver!!

Model 18 the firewood factory

A typical 18” hardwood log is cut in 3-4 seconds and splits in 3-4 seconds or less!!! It’s a drag race to see which finishes its job first! The 18 BAB comes standard with almost everything – choose your engine and how you plan to “feed the beast” (Live deck, dead deck, or log lift), that’s it. If you need to get your production into the 3+ cords per hour range, the ALL NEW 18 BAB is one Bad A** Beaver!


3 Plus Full Cords Per Hour
Cuts up to 18”+ Diameter
Splits Wood From 3” to 24” Lengths
“Super Split” Cycle Time 3-4 Seconds
Easy Controls Hydraulic Joy Stick Controlled
Power Up/Down on Wedge and Saw
Hydraulic Saw Parker VOAC Bent Axis Piston 7135 RPM
24” 18H 404 Saw Harvester Combination
Integral bar oil reservoir in chain guard
Live In Feed 2 Ply Mill Grade Belt For “Positive” Feed
Clean Out Grate
Protective Lock Out Cover
Log Length “Cam” Measure System – Move & Relieves Cut
8 Gallon Fuel Cell
10-19 GPM Hydraulic Pump System Eaton Brand
On board 12’ Conveyor with winch


Transport width – 5’ Operation width – 5’
Transport length – 18’ Weight – 3850 lbs. (approx.)
Trailer hitch – 2” ball Transport height – 9’6”
Hydraulic capacity – 33 US Gallons



48″ Wood chute (in lieu of conveyor), 6-way axe edge wedge,  Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Operator’s Seat (Jerry Chair)Scotty Shade, Dave’s Drink Holder 3 Strand Live Deck $1500.00


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