Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy

There has been some trouble in America lately, 58 people murdered and over 500 injured by (we are told) a madman. I feel for their families and those that were hurt. Let’s not talk about the official story, because, let’s just say I ain’t buying it. Politicians with no idea what they are talking about are blabbering within minutes. Not to belittle the horror of it, people are in a tizzy, and while it is tragic, it’s not that far beyond a normal weekend in Chicago. I won’t get into gun control… the only kind I believe in is being able to hit your target.

When the SHTF, what’s the best way to get back to reality? How about a little “wood therapy”? Sometimes, the best way to clear your head is to fire up an engine and focus on what really makes the world go round. For me, there is nothing like a little isolation and wood therapy to refocus my universe. Whether it is running a wood processor, splitter, or chainsaw, no one can really talk to me while I work – too much white noise blocking everything out. Not like the radio playing in the background, where I get distracted by a song I like, but just the dull roar of “man sounds” to isolate me. It is my isolation chamber.

If there is something on my mind, this is the time I can chew on it, make sense of it, and plan my attack. Within that cocoon of sound, physical activity, and action the world melts away. Stress evaporates. The mind moves methodically – “saw down, saw up. Splitter lever, log forward, saw starts down again, splitter return and the next block drops” – the delicious thump as it hits the splitter tub, and repeat. I hear the cadence in my head, no matter what else is happening, the world is right at that moment. Chips flying, the snapping as the wedge is forced through the log, and the wonderful natural smells the wood produces. To quote Nicholas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds, “and suddenly, I feel better about being me…”

Even at a show, I get a moment of peace, before I quiet the engine and talk to the next person.
Yep, wood therapy makes the world right again. Every time.

Bryndon O’Hara
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