Women Love Wood

There’s an attention grabbing headline… and like “Everybody needs a Lil Beaver” is about our Lil Beaver processors, it catches your eye and means something else. In this case, we are talking about firewood. There is no doubt that women enjoy a nice wood fire as much as any man, but did you realize that many women are much more deeply involved than just watching it burn?

lumber jillWomen in the industry are often referred to as “Lumber Jill”, we actually have a customer who is Lumber Jill, that is quite literally the name she lives by (that’s her in the picture, competing). And having a great time making it in a male dominated industry. If you are in North Carolina, look her up at www.lumberjillfirewood.com.

Another customer, Sue also runs a fairly large and successful firewood business – and if you ask her about her 16 Bad A** Beaver, she will be very proudly tell you, “This is my machine, I run it. No one else is allowed to touch it.” That are many others that have the same attitude.

Often, when people visit us, “the wife” comes along. And it is not an odd comment (even though the men do most of the talking) to hear her say something like, “Is this enough machine for me?” or “I would prefer the EZ controls?” – definitely not a question that would be asked if it was just for him.

So why do they do it? Very much the same reasons men do. Time versus money, there is money to be made and a processor makes them efficient, giving them back time – time to spend with their families or doing other things. Love for the great outdoors and being conservators of this great natural resource.  Many love the smell of the fresh cut and the satisfying crack of a tough log breaking open.

Interestingly, in the statistics report from our website, almost 20% of our visitors are women. It is a new number for us, but this is where numbers peak our curiosity… less than 5% of the calls we get are from women – are they researching equipment for someone else? Or are there a lot more women working in the background than we know? I tend to think it’s a combination of the two – and it definitely makes us more conscious of involving the women more deeply into the conversations.

Whatever the case, we are happy to help you! More and more, traditional walls are being broken down – in the case of processors, they greatly improve your ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently – and that is something everyone can appreciate.

And now, from the depth of our hearts, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! As long as the wishes come from your heart, wish us the best from your beliefs and we will gladly accept them. Keep the home fires burning. We’ll keep making it easier to keep the wood pile ready.

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry