Why Trade Shows?

Why do trade showsPosted 9-23-2016
This is the busiest time of year for us, in every area. People are thinking about firewood and the home fires that winter brings. And that brings out the lion’s share of trade shows – logging shows, outdoor shows, sprotsman’s show… all the people that make firewood.

So, during the busiest time of year, why do trade shows? Simple really, for you. Whether you already have one of our machines or are thinking about getting one, these are places we can say hello and shake your hand. You can touch the equipment, see what new and different. Maybe see several different brands and see why we are confident that our machines are the best on the market.

It’s also a chance to walk around machines with you and get a clear picture of things you’d like to see. Whether we talk through ideas you have at a show or on the phone, be assured that we consider every idea. We look at the broad appeal each might have, what it adds to the firewood processor, how it might be implemented and how the market might view a change. Many of your ideas have been implemented into our machines – from coming out with the low cost Lil Beaver 13 to the conveyor tip wheels on the 20 Bad A** Beaver, your thoughts and suggestions are carefully looked at.

Why do trade shows, especially at the busiest time of the year? To be that much closer to you!

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry