West Coast Shows

Things are settling in nicely with Multitek, and it is time to set our sights back on helping people to get “The Maximum Performance and Value at the Minimum Price”. Time to get outside and get some fresh air.
west coast showsOur show season starts out on the “Left Coast” – in Eugene, OR Oregonloggingconference.com and new to us this year the Redwood Region Logging Congress in Eureka, CA. And these are the first shows under the Multitek “umbrella”. It’s nice to start out with shows out West – the weather is usually pretty nice.



We have quite a few machines on the far side of the Rockies – but it is big country with room for plenty more – and that is why we are headed that way.
The logistics for those shows are massive compared to others we do – we are used to loading a flatbed behind a pickup truck and driving to shows – this time, everything is loaded on semis and Scott is flying out. Makes for an interesting change of pace.

So why do them? Simple, we like to clasp hands with people. It’s always nice to have someone you’ve been talking to for years walk up and introduce themselves. They will tell us about their adventures with their processors and many other stories to boot – we really don’t have customers, we make friends. It also gives us a chance to meet many new friends in the making – and hear their stories too!

If you are on the left side of the Rockies, come by and visit the booth. Take a little time, check out the latest greatest Wood Beaver products and visit with Scott. We don’t want him to get too lonely! He’ll be watching for you.

Bryndon O’Hara
Sales & Service
Wood Beaver Forestry