The thermometer says its summer

Just returned from a show in State College, PA. The weather was beautiful – mid-70s and sunny most of the time. Got home to high 80s… not a hot weather guy. I’ve reached a point in life that I can put on another layer to stay warm, but there is only so much they let me remove before they arrest me. And it seems like a lot less needs to come off as I get older…campfire

But, it is also camping season – which is big money time for many of you guys! Some think “summer is too hot to sell firewood”, while others think “bundles, more dollars per cord than bulk wood” … so who is right? That, my friend depends on you and your marketing plan.

Like any good business, a good marketing plan helps you grow. And they guys that are growing and building their firewood business are marketing it. Can I help you? Hard to say. I can share ideas that work for other people I talk to, but it is amazing how many ways people are taking wood to market. And bundles is one way.

Here’s the math part we all hate (until you see the end result)… 250 cords of wood (bulk) at $250 per cord (average around the country) = $62,500 in gross income. Not bad. OR… 250 cords of wood (bulk) ¾ cu ft bundles @ 170 bundles per cord at $2.50 per bundle (low average wholesale, retail doubles that) = $106,250. Now, before you start counting the cash… there’s about an extra $0.50 in costs per bundle (includes labor) so, you better subtract $8,500. But you still come out about $35,000 ahead! And this time of year, bundles sell!

Don’t forget, you have the cost of a Wood Beaver Twister (just a little over $2,000), which pays for itself inside of 16 cords.
Well, maybe I am starting to like hot weather that much better!

Bryndon O’Hara
Sales & Service
Wood Beaver Forestry