The Firewood Factory

Firewood factory blogPosted 4-15-2016
We coined the term “The Firewood Factory” a while back. Why? Because your Wood Beaver firewood processor is a firewood factory. How so? Well, I sure am glad you asked.
Factories make thing faster and more efficiently, more productive. If I had all the parts on hand, I can (and would) build a car. The last one I built probably had 2,000 hours into it. Based on a loaded hourly rate of $85, I had about $170,000 in labor alone. OUCH. Just think if the big three hand built every car, with their loaded rates around $150 due to overhead.

Henry Ford didn’t invent the wheel, engine, transmission, suspension, etc. He took other people’s ideas, combined them, wrapped them in a factory, and “built a better mousetrap”. A processor is a lot like an assembly line – it takes several tasks, puts them in order and does the job quickly and efficiently.

If you follow this link, you will find one of the biggest reasons that Wood Beaver processors are The Firewood Factory versus other processors. We use efficiencies of better hydraulics to not only make you more efficient, but series hydraulics also require less engine to do the same job – your processor is more efficient too.

A Lil Beaver 16 will cut and split a cord per hour without breaking a sweat versus a man with a chainsaw & log splitter getting ¼ cord per hour and sweating to get there. So, the basic firewood factory improves a man’s efficiency by 400%. A Model 16 gets you 800%, and a Bad A** 16 a whopping 1200%. This doesn’t even figure in reduced wear and tear on your body or other equipment.

By making you more efficient, we reduce the time it takes for you to produce firewood. So, yes, your Wood Beaver firewood processor truly is The Firewood Factory!

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry