Every year, people make resolutions, every year most of them break them before January is up. I was chatting with a customer the other day and he was telling me his New Year’s resolution is to double the size of his firewood business this year. So I had to ask, “What’s your plan?” – after all, a resolution without a plan is just a daydream.

So he told me about financing he had set up, equipment he had ordered… how his supply chain can handle the increase AND the customers he was already adding & how to add more beyond that. He has a sales and marketing plan. Not the least expensive supplier – he doesn’t bother to compete with “Joe Beermoney”. That guy affects his plans like a mosquito affects your picnic. He not only has his 2019 plan moving, he has 2020 outlined as well as 21, 22, 23.

Now to double in a year in this business isn’t that strange – but everyone I know that has done it has planned pretty well – that kind of growth requires having your money “ducks in a row”. It puts a major crunch on cashflow and any major glitches that you aren’t ready to adjust for can send you straight to the poor house. You need a plan, and a backup plan because the first one has no guarantees. Your equipment and personnel needs change and you need to be flexible and adaptable.

Funny part is he didn’t wait for January 1 to say “this year I will…” like all successful people his “resolution” is an ongoing life plan, modified as necessary to adapt to the changes that always get in the way.

If you are resolved to build your business (or just make your own firewood easier on you), Wood Beaver has the most cost effective machines in their class… and as you build your business, we can help you build – even when you are “too big” for Wood Beaver, our Multitek products will carry you to the extremes of the firewood industry.

Bryndon O’Hara
Wood Beaver