All new 18 Bad A** Beaver

Posted 5-16-2016
We’re fresh back from two back to back shows, in Vermont and Virginia. Meeting new friends and customers is always great, so is seeing all the people that are already in that group. One particular friend stopped in to look at the 18 BAB – it was fun to watch him go over the machine. Jordan is a nice guy and a fabricator, so along the way he has done some modifications to his Model 16 to make it perform better for him.

As he crawled all over the 18, we listened to his comments – I just finished doing that to mine, made that change, wow, everything you have done are the mods I made… and can I order a kit to retrofit the hydraulic log hold down and make it work with my machine.

We listen. When we design or improve a machine, you are the front line. You run the machines for hours or even days on end. We run a few logs through each machine – Jordan is past 800 cords. We can’t use every idea, but we listen and learn and build our next great idea based on what you want. It’s how we get better at what we do.

So how does the 18 Bad A** differ from a 16 BAB? We didn’t do a clean slate – we took all the things you already love (hydraulics, size, strength, etc) and tweaked it. While the body is all new, the design basics are the same. A bigger splitting cylinder nets a 50% increase in splitting force, but our hydraulic volumes are set up to maintain speed. And then we had a little fun from a “marketing standpoint”. I’ll let you in on a little secret – we have two versions of our mascot “Woody”. There’s happy Woody, eyebrows relaxed and playfully rolling on a log. Then there’s angry Woody – the Bad A** Beaver, looking angry and carrying an axe. On the 18, Woody is even laser cut into the saw guard.

We’re all business, but we like to having fun – your Wood Beaver firewood processor is the same – it’s all work, but there’s some fun rolled in. After all, if you’re having fun, it’s not really work.
Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry