Wood Beaver gets married! 

multi tek and wood beaverOur world has been pretty crazy lately. There are two times that are really tough for a business –  too little business and too much. When growth reaches certain proportions, there are big decisions that need to be made on how to reach the next level and sustain or even accelerate that growth.
For me, I had to make what in many ways was a heartbreaking decision. The baby I had nurtured for over 20 years needed to get “married.” It is never easy to let go of control over your children, but to keep the family growing, it was the next step. So, after much consideration, we are joining forces with our friendly competitor, Multitek. They have all the things that will help Wood Beaver grow and flourish as the years continue.
The deal is very new and like any deal of this nature, many things will stay the same and others will change. For now, the changes will be fairly minimal and pretty much all behind the scenes. The service you have become accustomed to and love will stay the same. We plan to keep our normal 2-3 week lead-times on most machines. All of our products will continue to offer you “Maximum performance and value at the minimum price.”

While the decision to make this change was tough, I am excited to see where we can take this from here. The opportunities for us going forward are far and above what we could have done without joining a great team. What we know for sure is that we will continue to innovate and improve at every turn. Because we have maintained a culture of continuous improvement, this change falls into that thought process for us – another improvement. Like our machines it will make us bigger, stronger, and faster than the competition.

I will still be leading the Wood Beaver team as we move forward – titles may change; other things may change. You know what they say, “there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes” … I would add a third, change. But change is going to help us continue growing – and that is change I can live with!

The heart of the company will not change, just a much bigger extended family to help in our success and growth.
From the Wood Beaver family, I want to wish everyone a very prosperous 2017! We’re excited to see where the future is going to take us!

Scott Eifler
Wood Beaver Forestry