Boy, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog. It has been a very strange year. Everything has been very busy.

Business has been very good, with the economy banging along better than it has in a very long time, people are spending money. Quite a few upgrading to a nicer, newer machine. We did a lot of shows and had really good response. Now is the busy season for us and many of you, so maintenance is something I’m thinking about.

As we change the seasons, changing the oil is obvious. Most people know when to change filters and fluids… whether they do it or not… I come from the thought process that it is cheap insurance. While doing the fluids, it’s a good time to do a little checkup.

While you are looking it over, take some wrenches – just make sure nothing is loose. You’ll probably find nothing. But the guys with the wheel that fell off his car said the same thing when they told him to check the lug nuts after 500 miles. Looks for and oil dripping or damaged hydraulic lines. A pin hole with fluid spraying at 3,000 psi will cut like a laser.

Look at general condition of everything. The more you look at your machine, the easier it is to notice if something is out of place. Always best to do a little preventative maintenance than to do emergency repairs.

One other thought… now that show season is over, things will be a little more “under control” for sales. We can take one deep breath as we get ready for the end of year rush to get equipment into the 2018 tax year and take advantage of the Section 179 program. If you don’t know about it, talk to your accountant – HUGE savings. Get on it early – don’t end up at the back of the line!

Bryndon O’Hara
Wood Beaver