Home Fires

Home FiresWell, the weather has turned to Fall. Leaves are changing colors and falling. Crisp mornings. As a rule, I like Fall best.

Here in Wisconsin, we have 4 distinct seasons – Summer is also known as construction season. Winter with plenty of snow (usually) and plenty of cold. Wet Springs when everything turns green and gets pretty. Summers can be pretty hot and humid, but lots of lakes make that a lot nicer. And then the Fall – temperatures are pretty nice around here, comfortable to work outside. Heck, this week, we are looking at a November heat wave with highs in the 60’s!

With the hills alive with color, lots of work is getting done. If you are making this year’s firewood, you are probably sending a lot of heat up the flue as water vapor. There are great reasons to season your firewood – dry wood burns better, wet wood requires you to literally boil the moisture out before you create much heat. Consistent burning. Chimneys stay cleaner with considerably less chance of of chimney fires from creosote build up.

But this isn’t a lecture about burning seasoned wood. It’s about enjoying your time outside during this beautiful time of year. Whether you are out enjoying the view, hunkered down in a hunting blind, or enjoying a bonfire with good friends and a cold drink, Fall is great time to enjoy the great outdoors. Just last night, I saw a bowhunter that had just pulled a beautiful 10 point whitetail out of the woods – not 200 yards from one of my permanent blinds. So, as you work to build the woodpile to keep the home fires burning, don’t forget to take a minute and enjoy the smell those fires produce!

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry