Happy Trump Day

Anyone that talks to me probably knows my political leanings, I really am an open book. But, like newscasters used to say before they gave up objectivity and started an opinion piece – “the views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of station management or participating sponsors.” That’s not to say we don’t share the same views, just that we may not. Frankly, in this industry, you don’t find a lot of Liberals – something odd about hugging a tree before you cut it down. Not to say we aren’t huge on conservation, we see both sides of the coin and know how to protect our forests while using the valuable resources they contain.

So, the very long 2016 election cycle is over, finally. About time. So what happened? The talking heads all said Hillary had it in the bag. Even last night as polls were closing, they were still calling it for Hillary. But the Donald not only passed her, he blew her out of the water. Heck, Wisconsin hasn’t voted Republican for President since Uncle Ronnie. A friend of mine (city dweller) posted an article about how all us “country folk” don’t get it, we are religious and we are angry. He might be right about the second part – we are angry that America and the American dream is being destroyed in the name of “doing good”. We do cling to our guns and our religion – more importantly, we cling to our work ethic. We want the American Dream and we work our butts off to try to grab the brass ring – and the people in Washington take their huge piece off the top to give to whoever they think is more deserving than the people doing the work.

Yes, I think you and I can spend the money we make more wisely than some middle management government hack. Yes, our gun permit was written into the Constitution. No, we are not over taxed, the government overspends. No, bigger government is not more freedom. How many of you fight firewood regulations that vary from county to county? Does the USDA really need to be involved in firewood at all?

Yes, us “poor, dumb country folk” aren’t nearly as “smart” as all those elite talking heads. We are the hardworking folks that make America work. Yes, we are angry. Yes, we want Washington to change for the better. 27% of Federal employees said they would quit their jobs if Trump wins – that should tell you something. Yes, we want America back. Is Trump the answer? That remains to be seen. Don’t forget that when you are up to your a** in alligators, that the objective is to drain the swamp.

Congratulations President Trump! Time to pull that swamp plug.

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry