Fastest Speed vs. Money

FerrariPosted 3-16-2016
You can go down to the Ferrari dealership and buy a car that will do 200 mph – under the right conditions. You can go down the Ford dealership and get a Mustang that if you unleash its potential will do 150 or more–for 10% of the price or less. Depends what you want to do and how fat your checkbook is. Both are “fastest”, but what does that really mean?

I’m going to throw a bunch of numbers at you – don’t worry, not a ton of math. Sometimes we just have to talk about numbers to make sense of the world.

Dollar for dollar, you can stand our Wood Beaver firewood processors side by side with any other machine on the market, and ours will put more cordage on the pile in the same amount of time. When we determine cords per hour for our machines, here is how we set up the test – reasonably straight wood (not telephone poles, but nothing really crooked either) near the limits of the machine (16” machine, 14-16” diameters), 8’ lengths, cutting 16” lengths (the most “standard” length in firewood), start with 4’ x 4’ x 8’ stack (a cord), deck loaded, 1 semi skilled operator & 1 assistant for loading. Time the machine as you run the cord. Pretty simple really. Then we listen to reports back from customers on what they get through their machines. In the case of our Lil Beaver 16, it will comfortably do a cord per hour – customers have reported as high as 3 cords per hour, but we don’t feel that is realistic on a consistent production basis.

There are so many variables in wood and operators, your results may vary – but we are confident that most operators can comfortably hit our numbers. And the machine will pay for itself reasonably quickly.

Now consider money into the mix. There are machines that claim (can they reach it consistently?) as much as 10 cords per hour of 20” logs – with a price tags starting $160,000 or more. Our 20 BAB (Bad A** Beaver) handles the same size logs at 4 cords per hour – in the $40,000 price range. So, dollar for dollar how do the machines stack up? $16,000/cord/hour versus $10,000/cord/hour, our machine is less than 2/3 of the cost per cord per hour. That’s money you either put in their pocket or yours. For your $160,000, you can have 1 machine producing 10 cords per hour OR you can get 3 machines producing 16 cords per hour for $120,000 and still another $40,000 in your pocket.

In many cases, even our smaller machines will save you $5,000, $10,000, or more to do the same job in less time. Your time is worth something, and your money is worth something too.

When it comes down to it, we truly offer the “maximum performance and value for the minimum price.” It’s the way we roll.

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry