Well, another mid-term election is pretty well in the books. With a few exceptions, where votes keep magically appearing for one candidate or the other. Here in Wisconsin, the only surprise at all was Governor Walker not winning. A little shocking with all the good things that have happened here since he took office – when he lost, there were terrible protests in the street… wait, that was when he won. Always amazing how one side gets crazy when they lose and the other side just goes back and works every day. The legislature is held by one party, while the state house the other, so nothing will get done – that’s probably a good thing in government. But I digress.

Washington politics has gone even more insane, seems like half of Congress is taking the question “how stupid can they be?” as a challenge. There are some real nuts… and they make the rounds of the talk shows and prove just how crazy they are… and people keep electing them. And now New York has put forth a bartender who when asked how to pay for her huge spending plans responds “you just pay for them.” But yet whines she can’t afford to get an apartment in Washington until her congressional salary kicks in. Who elects these people? I have yet to meet someone that admits to voting for them.

In reality, these elections have little to no immediate impact on our lives – long term results can vary greatly… but that may be for a different blog. What is more shocking is the stock market leading into elections. It always glitches and falls off some. Wall Street is always hesitant like the end is near – yet we wake up the next morning and nothing has changed. Except the markets stabilize a little more, because the election is over. Silly at best. But when the market is unstable, the economy is unstable for a little while.

My take on elections is pretty simple. Only citizens should vote in our elections (DUH). I’d love 100% turn out of voters that are actually educated on the issues and understand how the world (especially economics) works. We would have a whole lot better class of people representing us – and likely the markets would be more stable in the months leading up to the election, because Wall Street would anticipate good decisions being made.

What does this have to do with firewood processors? If you educate yourself on processors, understand how and why they work, you will vote for either a Wood Beaver or a Multitek. And there won’t be any protesting, it will just go to work every day.

Bryndon O’Hara
Wood Beaver