Do You Rent

Posted 8-8-2016

for rent

We get pretty frequent calls from potential customers, “Do you rent out firewood processors?” or “Brand X is renting out machines, but I’d rather rent one of yours.” Our answer is always the same, no we don’t. So, why don’t we rent machines?

First, we think it is “cheating” the guys that buy machines. If I had ponied up the money for a machine and the manufacturer rented one to my neighbor, unhappy is not a strong enough word.

This isn’t something you use once; most people need them for at least several weekends each year. And there is a little bit of skill involved in running one, which means you need someone on call all the time on the weekend to help out renters.

We have a number of customers that do custom processing (they come to you and process your wood) in their area – again, why hurt your customer’s business.

So is there room in the market for rental machines? Absolutely, like skid steers, man lifts, or large tents, being able to rent them is not a bad thing – renting them from a manufacturer is. Imagine if Bobcat bypassed everyone else and rented direct… not much point in anybody else carrying their product.

Firewood processors are in their infancy yet from a rental standpoint. Talk to your local rental guy, he is likely to say, “I have never had anyone walk in and ask to rent one.” But, as demand grows, I’ll hear from him, guaranteed.

So, we don’t rent them because our wheelhouse is design and manufacturing of the best firewood processors on the market. Why muddy the waters, irritate our customers, and generally do things that are not what we are best at? Yep, you wouldn’t go there either.

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry