Climate Change

Climate change – yeah, in my neighborhood, we call that weather.
I got into a discussion with a friend who is a true believer, it went something like this…
James – Can you believe it, two once in 500 year storms in two weeks…
Me – James, we’ve been keeping weather records for 150 years, we have no idea if these are once in 100, 500, or 5,000 year storms.
James – Oh yes, we do and we need to stop what we are doing, or the entire planet will be destroyed.
Me – So you want me to believe that the same people that couldn’t predict Irma’s landfall within 1,000 miles 2 days before it hit can predict the weather within ½ degree 50 years from now?
James – Yes, the computer models…

Yes, I am “one of them”, the deniers. In my life time, I have heard the extremes – all pushed by the same group of people – everything from an ice age to melted ice caps. None of their predictions have happened. Heck, “they” can’t even tell me what the “correct” temperature should be. They ignore all the reports of bad and falsified data the “proves” their point. No, I am not going to panic over the weather. No, I don’t believe Trump caused these storms. No, mankind didn’t cause these storms.

Heck, no one is even talking about the horrible wildfires in Montana and other places – and they relate to our industry and the environmentalists causing the destruction of millions of acres of land by not letting lumbermen in to remove all the trees killed by pine beetles – a natural phenomenon. The fires appear to be ignited by weather as well. Man’s fault in the whole thing is not getting the dead trees out of the forest – we created a horrible treetop fire raging across the countryside. Tons of ash and smoke into the atmosphere.

So, is man at fault? No, not really. If man wasn’t around, those fires would cleanse the earth every few years, uncontrolled. We go in and fight them after they start. But we could reduce their impact, by cutting trees. Funny how the very people that blame man for climate change stop him from protecting millions of acres by managing the forests.

When you look at it that way, a Wood Beaver can help you fight climate change…

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