When you can’t get into the woods because it rains every day

I’ve been way slow updating blogs lately – things have been hectic. And show season is getting ready to ramp up.

It has been one wet summer this year, all over the country. It started pretty early in the Spring out West, and has jumped around the country. Back in May I heard about part of Florida getting 25” in 24 hours – ouch! Earlier in July, there were areas in the Midwest that had 9” rainfalls in a day or less (unheard of around here). A couple days ago, the weatherman said we hadn’t had 3 dry days together since early May. And it looks like this three days will be over tomorrow, with threat of rain the rest of the week.

So what can you do when the weather doesn’t let you get into the woods with heavy equipment. Those are perfect days to stay on the woodlot and produce firewood or make firewood bundles! On the lot, ground is already compacted, so you aren’t puddle stomping or burying equipment in big mud holes. Many guys have “carports” set up that help the operator stay out of the weather – sun or rain.

So, make wood while the sun shines, and turn it into firewood when Mother Nature is refilling the swamp. Of course, make sure your dry it off before delivery!

Bryndon O’Hara
Sales & Service
Wood Beaver Forestry