The “best” way to sell firewood

People getting into the firewood industry ask questions like this all the time. The easy answer is, “Whatever way nets you the most profit per cord…”

Firewood seems to be one of those products that people don’t think of as a product. If you are selling 50 cords each year, you probably go after the market a lot different than someone producing 5,000 cords annually.

To me, the key isn’t “sales”, it is marketing. And how do you market firewood? Well, that depends. It varies a lot, locally, regionally, and nationally. So the starting point is “How big do I want to get?”… if you plan to sell 50 cords within 5 miles of home, word of mouth will get you there pretty quick. And forget about “Johnny Beermoney” – he is not your competition. Not if you are going to be a professional firewood supplier – he won’t be there when people are in need and he won’t provide good seasoned wood (or better yet, kiln dried).

Next, figure out how to go to market – word of mouth, Craigslist, supermarket tear offs, newspaper ads… I could keep going all day. In this day and age, do not underestimate the value of the internet – a good website, Adwords, etc can go a long way. Again, these things will depend on your plans.

Are you the “premier supplier” in your area? Well, there’s an old saying “fake it till you make it”. If your plan is to be their premier supplier and you aren’t there yet, don’t show up looking like a slob, driving a beater, and when you get that far… look sharp, your truck doesn’t need to be new, but keep it looking nice, and be there when you say you will… sounds simple yet it is the biggest mistake most guys make. This is getting long winded, so we’ll continue soon…

Bryndon O’Hara
Wood Beaver