Almost show season again

It’s just about that time again, the first show of the season is in Eugene, OR February 22-24. A chance to get some face time with all of you. There is a lot of logistics in doing a show – it’s not as easy as just showing up. It starts 6-8 months before the show normally. Booking space, making reservations, deciding what we want to show at each show. And this year, because of how personnel is allocated, most of the prep falls into my lap.

Not complaining, mind you. It’s one more set of things in a day. The prep work is the hum drum part. We try to pre-sell everything going to a show (save on bringing anything home). When you start loading up is when the real fun begins. With the equipment, there is always literature, a tent, chairs, tools, etc. all the things you need to present product to the potential customers.

Often, current customers come by the booth – always nice to visit and get feedback on their current machines. Sometimes, you come see us and look at the newest set up and we hear comments like, “That was something I suggested last year” or “Looks like it may be time to move up to the new model, it has some things I really like”… obviously we use feedback from you to develop products. We’re smart enough to know that the people that run them know what works best.

This year is a little different for us, we will be joint booths with our Multitek products. Last year, most of the planning took place before they bought us – which lead to us having two sets of booths.

We did make some changes to our show schedule already – you line up everything you want to do, then you look at logistics, personnel availability, and budgets and do a little fine tuning. So be sure to take a look at the Trade Show schedule to see when we’ll be close by. We’d love to see you!

Bryndon O’Hara
Sales & Service
Wood Beaver Forestry