A Time and a Place

In case you haven’t noticed, I bleed red, white, and blue. My parents were legal immigrants from England – while they loved England, they became Americans (not English-Americans). They instilled a great love of American in me, and taught me why America is the one country in the world that people stand in line to enter.

So, when I see a bunch of anti-Americans trashing our great country, I get angry. It’s the destroying of history – destroying of property – rioting – looting – trying to destroy the very fabric of America and her flag that gets to me.

Having spent many years study the Constitution and all the writings of the Founding Fathers, I have a pretty solid picture of not only what they said, but what they “meant” to say – amazingly, they used pretty simple English and were very direct and to the point – what they said was exactly what they meant. There is nothing to read into the Constitution. They didn’t use a lot of flowery words that could be misinterpreted or even misunderstood. Brilliant men, guided by divine input. Above all they valued freedom.

What’s my point? Well, for starters, counter-protests are always counter-productive. They tend to lead to violence, every time. And once you stop peacefully protesting, it is no longer a protest, you are no longer a protester – it is a riot and you are a rioter. Whatever the police due to you at that point, I have no compassion for you – you deserve whatever you get (just like if you attack people and police). That’s the way the Founding Fathers looked at it.

How about the kneeling protests? Well, you aren’t protesting anything except America when you kneel during our National Anthem. You are protesting our way of life and the men & women that have sacrificed for this country. Just like Actors, Athletes should mind their own business – we watch you to enjoy a movie or a game, if we want your opinion, we will ask. If these multimillionaires really felt that people were being oppressed, then take that big money and put your money where your mouth is.

If you think there is a race issue, all you have to do is look who focusses on race all the time – those are the racists. I judge a man by hos character – color is not part of the equation.

How does this relate to firewood? Well, most of you are good hardworking Americans. We bust our hump every day to make our lives a little better – maybe enjoy a movie or game every once in a while. If you are like me, I pay enough attention to these protests to see where I won’t spend my money.

There’s a place and a time to protest things you disagree with – that place is never during the National Anthem. God bless America! Land of the free because of the brave.

Bryndon O’Hara
Sales & Service
Wood Beaver Forestry