A Reckoning

A day of reckoningPosted 9-26-2016
Every year at the Paul Bunyan Show in Cambridge, OH, they hold a shootout. This year it is October 7-9. In odd years, sawmills and even years firewood equipment. And it is an even year! So this year we get redemption, a reckoning and bragging rights.

This year, we are bringing a 3-strand live deck 20 Bad A**, a Model 16, and our brand new Eager Beaver 20.

Two years ago, we worked all night to finish our prototype 20 Bad A** Beaver. No testing, no set up, just load it up and haul out to the show. Should we have waited? Probably, but there is no quit in us. We’re all old racers and believe in “run what you brung” You show up and put on the best show you can. So we took to the match with an unproven tool – it hadn’t had any wood through it when we lined up against all of our competitors. And it wasn’t perfect. Funny how that works.

But it ran pretty well through the whole competition. There were others that did not finish. And it finished mid-pack – not where we wanted to be, pretty darned good for a machine that was finished in the 11th hour and had never been put through the paces! And most of the machines in the shootout are at least 30% more expensive.

So we brought it home and dialed it in. And man, did it run! It about doubled in speed and can splitting oak sideways! Hickory knots the size of bowling balls? No problem, thanks to the twin cylinder system! Even with a gas engine, it will absolutely outruns machines with 50% more horsepower and diesel engines, thanks to series hydraulics. It handles those big, ugly, crooked logs that bring others to their knees.

So, to paraphrase Doc Holliday, “Make no mistake. It’s not revenge we’re after. It’s a reckoning.” So there it is, it’s time for a reckoning, and to get our bragging rights for the next 2 years!

Bryndon O’Hara
General Manager
Wood Beaver Forestry