Model 18 – a little bigger, a little stronger

Model 18 – a little bigger, a little stronger

The Model 18 is quickly becoming our most popular machine – a real work horse (or rather, beaver!).
Capable of doing 2 + cords per hour with good size wood, it’s fast and efficient. With our proprietary Super Split regenerative hydraulic system the splitter cycles at an incredible 4-4.5 seconds!

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model 18 the work horse of the family

The live in feed is standard on the 18 – choose a log lift, dead deck or live deck for loading and you have a full on production machine that will keep the wood pile ready.
Equipped with engine-driven, tandem 10 gpm pumps, and with our exclusive serial hydraulic valve system, the 18 thinks nothing of multi-tasking. Go ahead, run the saw and splitter together – it not only won’t flinch, it won’t even slow down.
For engines, choose from the standard Honda GX630, or optional Honda GX690 or Kohler ECH 749 EFI, or even a Kubota 902 or Kohler 1003 diesel. The optional highway package makes it easy to move around the woodlot or down the road. This machine is THE firewood factory!

Maximum Performance & Value at a Minimum Price



  • 2 plus full cords per hour (128 Cubic feet per cord)
  • Cuts up to 17+” diameter wood
  • Splits wood from 3” to 24” in length
  • “Super Splitter” cycle time Super Fast 4 to 4.5 seconds
  • Honda engine GX 630
  • Hydraulic 20” saw bar and 3/8” chain Integral bar oil reservoir in chain guard
  • Extended live infeed standard – mill grade belt for positive infeed & durability
  • Single axle 4400# with lights and brakes, highway pkg.
  • Optional 12’ Stacking Conveyor
  • Protective lockout cover – splitting & cutting
  • Log “cam” length measure system – moves to relieve cut
  • 2/4 way/optional 6 way wedge quick interchange system
  • Manual saw bar and wedge adjustment-optional “EASY” controls- Hydraulic saw-raise & lower and Hydraulic wedge controls (additional cost)


  • Transport width – 5’
  • Operation width – 5’
  • Transport length – 19’
  • Weight – 3850 lbs. (approx.)
  • Trailer hitch – 2” ball
  • Transport height – 9’6”
  • Hydraulic capacity – 22 US Gallons



Our package prices are exceptional but if you want to choose from the options below you can outfit your Lil Beaver 16 just the way you want it.

  • 4′ infeed extension
  • EZ controls (saw & wedge)
  • Hydraulic log lift
  • Attached 2 strand dead deck
  • Attached 2 strand live deck
  • 6-way axe edge wedge
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Operator’s Seat (Jerry Chair)
  • Scotty Shade
  • Dave’s Drink Holder


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