Lil Beaver 13 – Economical, fast, 13” diameters

Lil Beaver 13 – Economical, fast, 13” diameters

This unit is extremely powerful!!
It boasts a Kohler 440 or optional Honda GX 390 gas motor.
A 3 1/2” bore 2 1/2” rod specifically designed, engineered, and welded hydraulic cylinder with a 25 3/8” stroke and regenerative system for fast splitting, hydraulic saw, 2/4 way adjustable wedge.

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The Bad A** Baby brother of the Wood Beaver line up The Lil Beaver 13 Firewood Processor the most economical and perfect machine for the homeowner that cuts and burns his own firewood or small commercial producer. Built to the same strength and reliability standards as our commercial grade models, it is one tough machine. Highly mobile and designed with homeowners and farmers in mind – we kept the controls easy and straightforward. This one operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 13” in diameter and 8’ long at a rate of up to 1 full cords per hour.
This unit is extremely powerful!! It boasts a Kohler 440 or optional Honda GX 390 gas motor. It can be towed behind almost anything. A single lever moves the multi-function log shuttle table advancing the log, splitting the last piece you cut and operating the log lift to load the next log. This machine is very FAST! And the log lift keeps you from dragging logs through the dirt and mud.
Optional 12’ on board stacking conveyors lets you build a bigger stack. We truly used the KISS method, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”



  • ½ to 1 cords per hour (128 cubic feet) approximate
  • Splits wood from 3” to 24” length
  • Maximum log length 8’
  • Splitter cycle time “Super Fast” 5 to 6 seconds (full cycle)



  • Kohler 440, Optional Honda GX 390 DLX
  • Regenerative hydraulic system now standard
  • Shuttle table advances logs
  • Mechanical log lift
  • Highway axle package
  • Low oil pressure shut-down
  • 2/4 Way splitter wedge
  • Adjustable 17 Ton splitting force
  • Integral bar oil reservoir in chain guard
  • Hydraulic driven 16” 3/8 58 gauge saw bar/chain combination
  • Manual saw bar and wedge adjustment
  • Spring loaded clamping system for simple operation
  • Adjustable log length gauge
  • Protective lock out cover and safety screen for excellent visibility
  • Firewood cleanout grate
  • Unit weight base #1800
  • Oversized 10 gallon hyd. oil system
  • Transport width – 5’
  • Operation width – 5’
  • Transport length – 19’
  • Trailer hitch – 2” ball
  • Transport height – 9’



Choose from these options to have your Lil Beaver 13 just the way you want it.

  • Engine upgrade to Honda GX 390
  • Electric start (either engine)
  • 12′ conveyor
  • EZ control (saw only)
  • Twister Firewood bundler
  • Scotty Shade
  • Dave’s drink holder
  • 2/4 way wedge is included at NO CHARGE


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