Eager Beaver 20 – high performance wood splitter

Eager Beaver 20 – high performance wood splitter

The Eager Beaver 20 uses a single stage, tandem pump. Most competitive units use two-stage pumps—this allows them to advertise fast cycles—but that is fast cycle empty. Our pumps give you the super fast speeds, with no slow down when you put a log in. Cycles mean production, something a two-stage pump can’t do. But the Eager Beaver does repeatedly!

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What happens when you cross a Wood Beaver with a Log Splitter?

You get the Eager Beaver! Faster than most log splitters can imagine, it’s speed is equal to our processors. This machine will pound out the wood at a phenomenal rate—splitter cycle times of 5 seconds! No two-stage pumps to slow down production, super fast series hydraulics and single-stage pumps are faster. This Beaver wants to work! The adjustable height axe edge wedge makes consistent split sizes easy, with a 2/4-way standard and 6-way optional, you choose how big the pieces are. Top mounted controls are easy to reach, out of harms way, and intuitive. The log drops into a “V” trough, so it self centers. Tires and fenders are placed well clear of the splitting tub, there is literally nothing between you and getting the job done.

Everybody Loves an Eager Beaver!

Eager Beaver 20 Specifications


  • Tandem pumps GPM 20
  • Tank capacity 20
  • Cylinder diameter 4.5
  • Splitting force (tons) 25
  • Max log length 25 3/8
  • Out cycle 2.9 seconds
  • Log lift


  • Honda GX630 Standard
  • Optional Kohler ECH730 EFI
  • Electric start


  • Adjustable Hydraulic
  • 2/4-Way Axe Edge standard
  • 6-Way Axe Edge Optional


Highway Package

  • Torsion axle standard
  • Standard Tires ST175/80R13
  • Rims Steel highway
  • Lighting DOT standard
  • 2″ ball coupler standard
  • Safety chains standard
  • 4-flat connector standard


Operating footprint 78 w x 176 l
W/Conveyor 78 w x 248 l
Travel dimensions 80 h x 53 w x 176 l
W/Conveyor 102 h x 53 w x 192
Travel weight 2175
W/Conveyor  2580 


Eager Beaver 20 Options

  • Engine upgrade Kohler EFI ECH730
  • 8′ attached conveyor
  • 4′ conveyor extension
  • 48″ Wood chute (raises wood for easy loading into ATV or lawn cart)
  • 6-way axe edge wedge