Customer Comments

We have the best customers in the world! In business, you often hear when things go bad, but rarely does anyone take the time to tell you when things are going good. Our customers are the exception to the rule! I chose either end of the spectrum, a homeowner making their own wood and a large commercial producer – our smallest machine and our largest.
Here’s their comments:


I have run a few cords through the machine now and am more than pleased with its performance.  As an entry-level machine its design, engineering and assembly are very high quality. Your team does a great job! I still need a chain saw and splitter for the butt logs, but I can live with that.
Best Regards,


Buyer built commentBuyer built 2






att a boy“We have finished about 10 cord of wood and using the wood processor was FANTASTIC!!!!!  Ken and about 10 other guys operated the machine and me and, at times, 5 women, stacked the wood in the woodsheds.When Ken and I were to only two it was also FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!   A real nice machine.   Have almost finished the garage to store the machine for the winter and we will be able to use it when and if we get some firewood out for next year.  Thank you.” Doris W, ME Owners of a Lil Beaver 13.

“I wanted to take the time to tell you that I am extremely proud to be part of the wood beaver family.  I am very pleased with the wood beaver 20 BAB and the firewood bundler. The product that you sold me is top notch!  I have another brand of firewood processor that I feel guilty even trying to sell.  I’m ashamed to even let anyone know that I purchased it.  I am very proud of my Wood Beaver.  It can do everything they said it could do.
I towed it 1100 miles without a problem. This machine was built right!  I am so sold on this company’s equipment that I will NEVER even look elsewhere for a product that they sell because I know it is built right and they stand behind their product.
But above all, what impressed me the most was the way they showed me how important their customers are.  They gave me a tour of their operation,answered all my questions and sent me away with some of their local specialties.  The cheese curds. Brats and potatoes were awesome.  I felt like they were a team “family”.
That’s the way I run my business and I will tell you why it is important. The employees have a sense of “this is our company” and take pride in their work.  They don’t overlook something that’s not right, they fix it and make it right because it’s their reputation.  Thank you for all you did for me.  It was greatly appreciated.  You have my permission to use me as a reference.  I would hate for someone else to throw any their hard earned money on a substandard firewood processor. Wood beaver is they only way to go!” – Randy Ryan, GA Owner of a 20 Bad A** Beaver

I gave Randy’s full name because his business is being profiled in the January issue of Timberline Magazine (! He’s an interesting guy with a great story to share.

We’re not perfect, no one is – but it sure is nice to get your ego stroked from time to time! We’ll do our best to live up to their glowing comments.