Why we must celebrate Independence Day

Been a while since I wrote a blog – been a very busy year. Lots of changes, which I will write about very soon. And I just realized it’s been 6 months since I sat down and did some writing… and I have never written about the great holiday we just enjoyed.

I came to an epiphany today. I no longer celebrate “the 4th of July”. It’s a day, just like the 5th of July. I celebrate America’s Independence Day. Same thing you say? Let me explain further.

Sometimes, you say things you don’t think all the way through. In the past, I have often joked i about it being “Treason Day” – after all, the 56 Founding Fathers that stood in Independence Hall were doing just that, committing a brazen act of treason.
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Every year, people make resolutions, every year most of them break them before January is up. I was chatting with a customer the other day and he was telling me his New Year’s resolution is to double the size of his firewood business this year. So I had to ask, “What’s your plan?” – after all, a resolution without a plan is just a daydream.

So he told me about financing he had set up, equipment he had ordered… how his supply chain can handle the increase AND the customers he was already adding & how to add more beyond that. He has a sales and marketing plan. Not the least expensive supplier – he doesn’t bother to compete with “Joe Beermoney”. That guy affects his plans like a mosquito affects your picnic. He not only has his 2019 plan moving, he has 2020 outlined as well as 21, 22, 23. CLICK HERE to read more.

Well, another mid-term election is pretty well in the books. With a few exceptions, where votes keep magically appearing for one candidate or the other. Here in Wisconsin, the only surprise at all was Governor Walker not winning. A little shocking with all the good things that have happened here since he took office – when he lost, there were terrible protests in the street… wait, that was when he won. Always amazing how one side gets crazy when they lose and the other side just goes back and works every day. The legislature is held by one party, while the state house the other, so nothing will get done – that’s probably a good thing in government. But I digress. CLICK HERE to read more.

Boy, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog. It has been a very strange year. Everything has been very busy.

Business has been very good, with the economy banging along better than it has in a very long time, people are spending money. Quite a few upgrading to a nicer, newer machine. We did a lot of shows and had really good response. Now is the busy season for us and many of you, so maintenance is something I’m thinking about.

As we change the seasons, changing the oil is obvious. Most people know when to change filters and fluids… whether they do it or not… I come from the thought process that it is cheap insurance. While doing the fluids, it’s a good time to do a little checkup.
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The National Firewood Workshop

We get a lot of questions like “how do I get started in the firewood industry” or “how can I expand my firewood business?” Wouldn’t it be nice to get together with other industry professionals? Check out new trends? Find out better practices? Well, the answer is coming to Frankenmuth, MI…

CLICK HERE for details. We have been attending these for several years, always enjoyable and informative. If you are looking to advance your position in the firewood industry, take the time and come out!

Bryndon O’Hara
Wood Beaver


The “Best” way to sell firewood
People getting into the firewood industry ask questions like this all the time. The easy answer is, “Whatever way nets you the most profit per cord…”

Firewood seems to be one of those products that people don’t think of as a product. If you are selling 50 cords each year, you probably go after the market a lot different than someone producing 5,000 cords annually.

To me, the key isn’t “sales”, it is marketing. And how do you market firewood? Well, that depends. It varies a lot, locally, regionally, and nationally. So the starting point is “How big do I want to get?”… if you plan to sell 50 cords within 5 miles of home, word of mouth will get you there pretty quick. And forget about “Johnny Beermoney” – he is not your competition. Not if you are going to be a professional firewood supplier – he won’t be there when people are in need and he won’t provide good seasoned wood (or better yet, kiln dried). Continue Reading