There has been some trouble in America lately, 58 people murdered and over 500 injured by (we are told) a madman. I feel for their families and those that were hurt. Let’s not talk about the official story, because, let’s just say I ain’t buying it. Politicians with no idea what they are talking about are blabbering within minutes. Not to belittle the horror of it, people are in a tizzy, and while it is tragic, it’s not that far beyond a normal weekend in Chicago. I won’t get into gun control… the only kind I believe in is being able to hit your target. Continue Reading 

In case you haven’t noticed, I bleed red, white, and blue. My parents were legal immigrants from England – while they loved England, they became Americans (not English-Americans). They instilled a great love of American in me, and taught me why America is the one country in the world that people stand in line to enter.

So, when I see a bunch of anti-Americans trashing our great country, I get angry. It’s the destroying of history – destroying of property – rioting – looting – trying to destroy the very fabric of America and her flag that gets to me. Continue Reading 

Climate Change – yeah, in my neighborhood, we call that weather.
I got into a discussion with a friend who is a true believer, it went something like this…
James – Can you believe it, two once in 500 year storms in two weeks…
Me – James, we’ve been keeping weather records for 150 years, we have no idea if these are once in 100, 500, or 5,000 year storms.
James – Oh yes, we do and we need to stop what we are doing, or the entire planet will be destroyed.
Me – So you want me to believe that the same people that couldn’t predict Irma’s landfall within 1,000 miles 2 days before it hit can predict the weather within ½ degree 50 years from now?
James – Yes, the computer models… Continue Reading 
When you can’t get into the woods because it rains every day. I’ve been way slow updating blogs lately – things have been hectic. And show season is getting ready to ramp up. It has been one wet summer this year, all over the country. It started pretty early in the Spring out West, and has jumped around the country. Back in May I heard about part of Florida getting 25” in 24 hours – ouch! Earlier in July, there were areas in the Midwest that had 9” rainfalls in a day or less (unheard of around here). A couple days ago, the weatherman said we hadn’t had 3 dry days together since early May. And it looks like this three days will be over tomorrow, with threat of rain the rest of the week. Continue Reading 
campfireJust returned from a show in State College, PA. The weather was beautiful – mid-70s and sunny most of the time. Got home to high 80s… not a hot weather guy. I’ve reached a point in life that I can put on another layer to stay warm, but there is only so much they let me remove before they arrest me. And it seems like a lot less needs to come off as I get older… But, it is also camping season – which is big money time for many of you guys! Some think “summer is too hot to sell firewood”, while others think “bundles, more dollars per cord than bulk wood” … so who is right? That, my friend depends on you and your marketing plan. Continue Reading 


Things are settling in nicely with Multitek, and it is time to set our sights back on helping people to get “The Maximum Performance and Value at the Minimum Price”. Time to get outside and get some fresh air.
west coast showsOur show season starts out on the “Left Coast” – in Eugene, OR and new to us this year the Redwood Region Logging Congress in Eureka, CA.  And these are the first shows under the Multitek “umbrella”. It’s nice to start out with shows out West – the weather is usually pretty nice. Continue Reading 
multi tek and wood beaverOur world has been pretty crazy lately. There are two times that are really tough for a business –  too little business and too much. When growth reaches certain proportions, there are big decisions that need to be made on how to reach the next level and sustain or even accelerate that growth.
For me, I had to make what in many ways was a heartbreaking decision. The baby I had nurtured for over 20 years needed to get “married.” It is never easy to let go of control over your children, but to keep the family growing, it was the next step. So, after much consideration, we are joining forces with our friendly competitor, Multitek. They have all the things that will help Wood Beaver grow and flourish as the years continue. Continue Reading 

Women Love Wood
lumber jill
There’s an attention grabbing headline… and like “Everybody needs a Lil Beaver” is about our Lil Beaver processors, it catches your eye and means something else. In this case, we are talking about firewood. There is no doubt that women enjoy a nice wood fire as much as any man, but did you realize that many women are much more deeply involved than just watching it burn? Women in the industry are often referred to as “Lumber Jill”, we actually have a customer who is Lumber Jill, that is quite literally the name she lives by (that’s her in the picture, competing). And having a great time making it in a male dominated industry.
Continue Reading